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Expatrio Blocked Account

As an international student, trainee, or job seeker, you can submit an Expatrio blocked account as proof of financial means for your German visa application.

Should I Open an Expatrio Blocked Bank Account?

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of opening your blocked account with Expatrio:

The process is entirely online. You have to activate the blocked account and open a different current account after you are in Germany.
It takes 24 hours to open a blocked account. You cannot open an account if you are under 18 years old.  
Only a passport is required for the setup.
Partnership with several German banks to help set up a free current account.
Partnership with digital banks to open a current account entirely online.
You will get your money back if the visa is refused.
Accepts applicants from the U.S.A.
Relatively inexpensive costs.
Approved by the German federal government.

Expatrio offers the most affordable prices for opening a blocked account, with €49 to set it up and only €5 monthly fee. Because of their low prices and customer service of the highest quality many students are now choosing Expatrio to open their blocked account.

How to Open a Blocked Account with Expatrio?

The process of opening a blocked account with Expatrio is as follows:

  1. Complete the Expatrio questionnaire to determine which service you need. You will be answering questions about what you will do in Germany as well as your age.
  2. Calculate how much you will pay. The calculation is based on the duration of time you will be in Germany.
  3. Complete the online application form. After the calculation, you can click on “Apply Now” and complete the online application, where you have to provide your personal details, your education information, your address.
  4. Attach a scanned copy of your passport.
  5. Confirm and submit the application.
  6. Wait about 24 hours for the blocked account to open. Once the account is opened, you will receive an email with your International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and other relevant information for making the money transfer.
  7. Transfer the money using the IBAN Expatrio sends you. The international money transfer can take about 1-5 days to complete.
  8. Get your Blocking Confirmation and apply for your visa. As soon as the money is in your blocked account, you will receive a Blocking Confirmation document, which you have to submit to the Embassy.
  9. Apply for your German visa.
  10. Travel to Germany.
  11.  Register your German address. To open a current account to receive the monthly payouts, you need the Certificate of Address Registration.
  12. Open a current account.
  13. Activate your blocked account. After you open the current account, you can activate your blocked account, and you will begin to receive your money.

How to Open a Blocked Account With Expatrio if I Am Already in Germany?

Since the application is entirely online, you can easily open an Expatrio account even if you are already in Germany. The process is more or less the same, except that you do not have to apply for a visa at a German Embassy. Instead, you submit the Blocking Confirmation directly to the Ausländerbehörde (Immigration Office) when you apply for a residence permit.

You can only apply for a residence permit directly in Germany if you are from the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, or South Korea.

Document Checklist for Expatrio Blocked Account

You only need your passport when opening a blocked account with Expatrio. You have to attach a scanned electronic copy of the personal information and picture page as well as the issue and expiry date. The scan must be clear and legible and all four corners must be included.

If you do not have access to a scanner, you can also upload a picture of your passport, as long as it clearly shows all the necessary details and is taken in a well-lit place.

How to Fill the Expatrio Blocked Account Application Form?

With Expatrio, you have to complete the application form for a blocked account online. First, you have to fill in a questionnaire about what you will do in Germany (university student, language student, trainee, etc), your age, and then a calculation of how much you have to deposit. Then, you will be redirected to the actual application form, where you will be required to provide the following information:

  • Personal details.
  • Contact information.
  • Your address. If you do not have a German address, provide the one in your country.
  • The estimated date of your arrival and start of studies.
  • Your nationality, the German authority handling your application, and where you are travelling from.

Afterwards, you have to upload your scanned copy or a picture of your passport’s personal information page and submit the application.

Cost of Blocked Account With Expatrio

When you open a blocked account with Expatrio, you have to pay:

  • Initial set-up fee: €49
  • Service fee: €60 (€5/month)

How Long Does It Take to Open an Expatrio Blocked Account?

It takes about one business day to open a blocked account with Expatrio. After the account is functional, you will receive the IBAN and you can initiate the process of transferring your funds, which can take up to five days. You will only receive the Confirmation of Blocked Account document after the funds have been transferred.

How to Transfer Money to My Expatrio Blocked Account?

You can transfer your money to the blocked account either through a regular bank transfer/wire or through Exatrio Payments (Expatrio’s money transferring service). What you have to do is:

  • Select the preferred transfer method on the Expatrio Portal.
  • Download the “Blocked Account Transfer Details” under the “Downloads” section of the portal. This document explains in detail what you have to do to complete the transfer.
  • Complete the transfer. Send the money to your blocked account.
  • Upload the transfer proof on the Expatrio Blocked Account Portal. After the money is sent, you will receive a document proving the transfer is complete. Attach this to the portal.
  • Wait for the international transfer to finish. Depending on the transfer method, it can take 1-5 days.
  • Download the “Blocked Amount Confirmation” document and submit it to the Embassy.

How Much Money Should I Transfer to Expatrio?

For the blocked account, you have to transfer €10,541 in total to Expatrio to cover all the fees:

  • Funds required for your visa: €10,332.
  • Expatrio fees: €109 (€49 for the setup + €60 for maintenance).
  • Buffer amount: €100.

You need the buffer amount in order to cover any charges that can result when you transfer the money to your blocked account. Any remaining balance from the buffer amount will be returned to you with the last monthly payout.

Note: If you choose the Value Package (blocked account + health insurance), you will be reimbursed for the initial set-up fee of €49.

How Can I Withdraw Money From Expatrio Blocked Account?

You cannot withdraw money directly from your blocked account. On the first week of every month, your blocked account will release €861 to your current (transactional) account. You can then use the card you received with the current account to make payments and withdraw money.

How to Open a Current Account With Expatrio?

Expatrio can help you set up a current account with one of their partnering banks (N26, Monese, Commerzbank, ING), but you are free to open it with any other German bank. The process of opening a current account is pretty much the same as everywhere:

  • You have to go to a German bank personally and request to open a “Girokonto” (current account).
  • You must have an identity document (your passport) and proof of address (Registration Certificate or “Meldeschein / Anmeldung”). Some banks will also ask for your visa or residence permit.
  • The bank will open your account and give you the IBAN.
  • Send the IBAN to Expatrio to activate your blocked bank account and start receiving monthly payouts.
  • Get the debit/credit card or “girocard” from the bank. You can use this to withdraw money and make payments.

You can also open a current account online, with one of Expatrio’s partner digital banks, such as N26 and Monese.

How Do You Activate an Expatrio Blocked Account?

To activate your blocked bank account with Expatrio, you have to click on the “Activate” button on your Expatrio User Portal. You must have the following:

  • A current bank account. You must upload an account opening document or monthly bank statement containing your full name, IBAN and BIC.
  • A German address. As soon as you are settled, you have to register your German address and get an Anmeldung (Registration Certificate) to submit for your blocked account activation as well as to open your current account. As proof of address, you may also upload a rental agreement or confirmation from your landlord.
  • Your German visa or residence permit. You must upload a scanned copy of your German visa or residence permit as well as your passport with the entry stamp or flight ticket, proving you entered the country legally.

Once you have submitted your request for approval, you will receive confirmation within one day. Three to five business days after that, you will receive the first instalment of €861 on your current account. If you transferred more money than requested, you will receive the excess with the first instalment.

What if my Visa Is Rejected?

If your visa application is rejected, then you simply need to close your account, and you will receive your money back, including the set-up and maintenance fees. You have to submit the original visa rejection letter from the Embassy or Ausländerbehörde. You will get back your money within four weeks.

How Do I Close My Blocked Expatrio Account?

To close your bank account, you have to submit a Request via the Expatrio Portal, with the requested category being “Blocked Account Closing”. You will receive an email, then you must initiate the closing via the “Close” button on your Blocked Account Page. You also have to submit an official document regarding why you want to close the account:

  • Sperrfreigabe document (Lock release) from the Embassy or Immigration Office. This is required if you received the visa but cannot travel to Germany or you have decided to end your studies.
  • Letter of visa rejection, if your visa application was rejected.

Once the account is closed, any remaining funds will be transferred back within 4 weeks.

How to Extend My Expatrio Blocked Account?

If you need to extend your Expatrio blocked account, you can do this online in a process similar to when you first applied. You can use the “Extend” option if your blocked account currently has funds in it. If you have no funds available, then you can apply for a new blocked account. The original set-up and maintenance fees will apply.

Can I Get Health Insurance With Expatrio Blocked Account?

Yes, Expatrio offers a package containing the following benefits:

  • Blocked bank account for the visa application.
  • Free support in opening a current account.
  • A free travel insurance package for your visa application. The travel insurance policy follows Schengen guidelines, so it will be accepted by the Embassy. This policy is valid for the first 92 days after you arrive in Germany.
  • Statutory health insurance with TK, if you are under the age of 30. After activation, you have to pay a monthly fee of €110.69 for health insurance.
  • A free International Student Identity Card (ISIC).

Everyone who moves to Germany for any period of time has to get health insurance, either statutory (public) or private. If you are applying for a German visa at the Embassy, you also need travel insurance. This is why many students choose to obtain insurance through one of these packages to save time and effort.